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Study Description

Chase Medical Research is currently enrolling in multiple different clinical trials related to migraines based on the average number of migraines each month. 

Clinical trials give patients access to new investigational medications or treatments. Participating in a clinical trial helps researchers find answers to health questions that may further advances in treatment of a condition.


Do You Qualify?

Each of these research trials has different requirements for participation. To find out the specifics of the trials and see if you qualify to participate, fill out the form and a member of our team will be in touch to explain the available research studies.  

Study related care is provided at no cost.

You may also be compensated for travel.

Research Study Location

>>  500 Chase Parkway; Waterbury, CT 06708

If you're interested in participating in a migraine clinical trial, please fill out the form to learn more!

I'm Interested In A Study